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Castolin CastoMatec RCD 850

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DC generator for MMA welding electrode


Optimized for gouging (ARC-AIR).

Duty cycle gouging in fashion: 25% 1000A, 650A at 60% and 100% 500A (continuous use)

Manual welding with electrodes: rutile, basic, cellulosic etc.

Welding with cored wires without gas (open arc), with Teromatec reel.


Technical data: 
Feed 3×230 V / 400
Max primary current. A 115
Max. Absorbed 46 KVA
Open circuit voltage V 72
Welding current A 15-600A
Welding duty cycle % 45% -600A, -525A% At 60%, 100% 400A% A
Duty cycle gouging A -1000A% 25%, 60% A% -650A, -500A% At 100%
Electrodes (gouging) 10.0 Ømm
Insulation Cl H
Protection IP23
Weight 270 Kg
Dimensions HxWxD cm 78x67x98



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