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Castolin EutecDur 9060 N (Nickel & Cobalt Alloy Coatings)

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Manual electrode with optimized properties against combined wear involving hot impact, erosion, cavitation and hot abrasion.


Cobalt-base manual electrodes for anti-wear protective coatings on parts subjected to wear by abrasion, corrosion and thermal cycling.


Features and benefits

Hardness maintained at high temperatures

Creep resistant deposit

very good resistance to impact and cracking



Pump sleeves , Shafts , Slideways, Valve seats, Shutters , Cutting blades, Hot deflashing dies , Wire drawing guides, Fan blades , Turbine components, Mixer shafts , Conveyor screws , Crusher hammers 


Technical data: 
Typical hardness (as deposited):38-43 HRC



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