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Castolin EutecTrode® 244 NC (Welding Cast Irons)

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For welding contaminated oil-soaked castings and for joining cast iron to steel, excellent machinability. 

Nickel based electrode with non-conductive flux coating developed  for welding old, contaminated grey flake or  nodular cast irons.  

Non-conductive coating enables welding in difficult-to-reach areas.  

Low-heat-input manual electrode for joining old cast iron.



Engine blocks , Yokes, Machine frames , Pump bodies and valves, Gearboxes, Cams , Wheels , Pulleys , Pistons, Cylinders and slideways.


Technical data: 
Typical Tensile strength 53,000 psi
Typical Hardness (as deposited) 94 RB



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