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Castolin MetaCeram® 28030

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MetaCeram® 28030 is specially developed for use in flame spray equipment such as the CastoDyn DS 8000. It is an aluminium and titanium-oxide-based, oxygen-stabilised complex compound with specific grain size distribution and controlled morphology.


Compact, lamellar structure with strong interparticle bonding, protective coating against wear and corrosion, high density, abrasion-resistant material with good sliding properties. Requires separate bond coat of RotoTec 51000 alloy.


Features and benefits


No deformation or structural change in base metal

Good resistance to abrasion

Low coefficient of friction

High resistance to corrosion

Applied by “cold” spray process, using CastoDyn DS 8000 torch

Ceramic powder for anti-wear protective coatings of all types of metals, except pure copper and magnesium.



The unique combination of low permeability and abrasion resistance with a low coefficient of friction makes MetaCeram® 28030 the ideal material for protective coatings on: printing rolls, paper feed rolls, yarn guides, slideways and wear plates, induction furnace components. 


Technical data: 
Microhardness ~1600 HV10
Service temperature (max.) ~1000ºC



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