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Castolin MetaCeram® 28095

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Molybdenum base alloy powder for anti-wear protective coatings of all types of metals, except pure copper and magnesium.

It is a molybdenum-based compound with specific grain size distribution and controlled morphology.


Features and benefits


No distortion of the workpiece or alteration to its dimensions and structure

Compact, lamellar structure with strong interparticle bonding

Excellent abrasion resistance combined with outstanding bonding to substrates

Low coefficient of friction

Non-magnetic, oxidation-resistant protective coating

Applied by “cold” spray process, using CastoDyn DS 8000 torch



The unique combination of good abrasion resistance, a very low coefficient of friction, excellent self-bonding properties with substrates and good self-lubricating properties makes MetaCeram® 28095 the ideal material for protective coatings on: bearing areas, spindle guides, sliding surfaces, bearing surfaces for seals, shafts, high pressure pump plungers, gauge plates, conical rolls. 


Technical data: 
Microhardness ~900 HV10
Service temperature (max.) ~400ºC




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